[SDL] SMPEG: playing back MPG in pak-like container

david kment davidkment at web.de
Mon Jun 27 06:09:17 PDT 2005

Hi Gabriel,

On 03/06/2005, Gabriel, you wrote:

> When the unicode character is > 128, I convert the unicode value
> (which I assume to be in UCS-4) to UTF8

> However, to type the 'á' symbol ("LATIN SMALL LETTER A WITH ACUTE"), I
> must press the ' ("ACUTE ACCENT") key and then the 'a' (regular A)
> key. But in this case I get two key press events, one for TILDE, one
> for A, instead of just one with the AACUTE.

I'm just using the event.key.keysym.unicode field if it is < 256, on
each SDL_KEYDOWN event. It works fine for chars that need "dead" keys
(pressing first Ž then a, for example). However the < 256 test might be
a problem for some languages, I guess... I'm just handling ISO-8859-1,
nothing more.

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