[SDL] Re: Mac OS X Video Drivers [patch]

Anders F Björklund afb at algonet.se
Wed Jun 1 01:32:07 PDT 2005

Ryan C. Gordon wrote:

> However, I'd be less inclined to support updating the Carbon target 
> (because it should be considered as dead as OS9, as such, anything that 
> might break it on OS9 isn't a worthwhile patch).

Carbon is NOT confined to Mac OS 9; it used to be but is not any longer.
It is now the "procedural interface to Mac OS X", alongside with Cocoa ?

See http://developer.apple.com/carbon/

CoreGraphics (Quartz 2D) is not a Cocoa/Objective-C technology, it can 
be used from Carbon as well. CoreFoundation too ? So it's "modern"...

Anyway, all the changes are in TARGET_API_MAC_OSX if not applicable to
Mac OS 9 (shared code has TARGET_API_MAC_CARBON, for CarbonLib stuff)

So it shouldn't break any old code, even if not used very much anymore.
(I do try to run it through in emulation, just to see if it holds up)

And it requires Carbon.framework now anyway, so it doesn't change much ?
(the Carbon SDL driver was already written, I just updated/fixed it...)

I'm also considering an updated (Mac OS X) version of the Carbon driver.
As for the DrawSprocket driver, now *those* patches can be dropped :-)


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