[SDL] Calling SDL_SetVideoMode multiple times in fullscreen OpenGL/Win32

Stephen Anthony stephena at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Jun 22 18:52:58 PDT 2005

I know that calling SDL_SetVideoMode when using Win32/OpenGL loses all 
textures, and they have to be re-created.  But I'm wondering why one 
can't repeatedly call SDL_SetVideoMode while in fullscreen mode.

The application I'm working on switches to a different resolution when 
entering debugger mode, and hence calls SDL_SetVideoMode to recreate 
the SDL screen (and textures).  When it exits debugger mode, it returns 
to the previous resolution.

While in windowed mode, everything works fine.  But in fullscreen, 
calling SDL_SetVideoMode again seems to lock the application.  Is there 
a way to do this correctly?  The same code works perfectly in Linux.


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