[SDL] SDL window size changed in Win32

Renzhong Xiao renzhong_xiao at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 11 07:50:07 PDT 2005

Dear all:
	I'm new to SDL programming.Recently I use SDL_1.2.7
to develop a video player in Win32 Dialog-based 
Application. I hope the SDL window becoming a Dialog's
child window,and it can chage the window size freely
according dialog window size.
	I use SDL_SetVideoMode to set SDL-window size.When
SDL main window is a popup window,it works well.But
when I set the SDL window as the child window.of
dialog.The SDL_SetVideoMode seems only to change the
Video content,the window size keep unchanged.
	For example,the original size of video and window is
320x240,when I SDL_SetVideoMode(640,480,...),the video
size is 640x480 now,but the  window size is still
320x240,and show a 1/4 left-top video.
	What am I missing?
	Any information or hint are very appreciated.

Renzhong xiao

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