[SDL] Re: Why force feedback support has never been included?

ekt ekt at libero.it
Mon Jun 6 02:20:42 PDT 2005

John Silicon <jsilicon <at> earthlink.net> writes:

> b) Lacking tallented folks familiar with force feedback, in both the SDL 
> and Linux communities, willing to deticate time to making it work

well the guy who wrote that initial implementation is talented i think.

> >
> >is there a particular reason for why it never made it in the official stuff?
> >
> It never made it into the official branch because it was (AFAIK) port 
> specific (PS2).  IIRC, the X-Box Linux port also supports X-Box's actuators.

now3d wrote the API and implemented it for ps2. someone who is confident with 
directinput could implement it for win32. if the API design itself is not ok, 
it can be changed/extended.

don't want to sound bad or start a crusade, i just saw some work done and i 
think is better to have something rather than nothing at all. just my 2c


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