[SDL] alsa and DMA..

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 15:11:08 PST 2005

> >I see that the ALSA support in SDL doesn't use DMA, but read/write...
> >
> >I'm wondering has anyone thought about implementing DMA transfers for
> >Alsa? or know if it would give much advantage.....
> >
> No idea if it would give a real speed advantage (probably not much). But
> I do have plans to fix the alsa backend. I run the alsa kernel modules
> at home (with oss emulation), and since the oss backend got broken from
> the recent modifications (and alsa never quite worked) I'm stuck now.
> Actually, I even think the SDL interface could map quite nicely to the
> alsa dma stuff.

What problems are therre with the current alsa backend? I was going to
use it for my embedded app but I'm still waiting on a working
development system with sound... I might get some time to look at this
soon.... i.e. any CPU usage saving is a win for my current system (its
getting a bit CPU starved...)

> How old it the alsa dma api ? We have to keep backwards compatibility
> with alsa < 1.0 too...

I think the dma api has been stable for a while.. but I'm not quite sure....


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