[SDL] Blitting / event handling with multiple threads

Christian Morgner christian.morgner at postamt.cs.uni-dortmund.de
Mon Jan 31 13:58:12 PST 2005


> You just asked him to do something that is illegal in most countries.
> Illegal to distribute it, and illegal to receive it. And you did it in
> public. Why?

To my knowlegde - and I did some research before I started the project - the 
game Dune II doesn't belong to any company any more. I asked this question in 
several mailing lists, and everyone told me the same.

The next thing is that I do not distribute the game itself, but only my 
project without the .pak files. That's why I needed to decode the format of 
all resources. You need to own the original game in order to use my clone,
just copy the dune.pak file into the directory where the executable is. 
Without it, you can't play the game.

As far as I know the programmers of some other clones did the same,
so where is the problem?


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