[SDL] API for window positionning (was: moving screen when u change resolution)

Olivier Fabre off at free.fr.ARGL.invalid
Mon Jan 31 08:33:26 PST 2005

On 31/01/2005, Bob Pendleton, you wrote:

>> Anyway, ++votes for SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED as a flag to 
>> SDL_SetVideoMode().

> Yes, I'll vote for that... But, you have to make sure that it doesn't
> change the current behavior in anyway. 

Well, the behaviour was already changed between 1.2.6 were the window
was always centered, and 1.2.7 where it wasn't (which is one of the
reasons why I stayed with 1.2.6 for my Win32 build.)

I would also prefer a way to set the window position in the API instead
of using an envvar (which makes no sense IMHO).

> If we keep adding flags we will need to move to a 64 bit int some day
> or change to a vector based flag passing technique, which I don't like
> at all.

If I was responsible for this, I'd use varargs... (possibly introducing
a new "SDL_SetVideoModeVarargs()" function in order not to break source

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