[SDL] moving screen when u change resolution

Jon Colverson sdl at vcxz.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 15:32:04 PST 2005

David Olofson wrote:
> Right, but there are some problems:
>  * Adding stuff to the API breaks binary compatibility
>    in at least one direction.
>  * The system variables are currently the only interface
>    to certain features. Adding a "pure" C API means we
>    have two ways of accessing the same data, which in
>    turn means more chances to screw up.
>  * We can't *replace* the system variable interface with
>    a C API, since that would remove features that both
>    users and applications rely on. That's actually worse
>    than breaking binary compatibility in both directions.

As mentioned at:
neither users nor applications should be relying on the environment 
variables; they aren't part of the API.

SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED looks like the only variable which provides 
potentially portable functionality, and as such, I think it would be a 
good candidate for being added to the C API (presumably as a flag for 
SDL_SetVideoMode(), which I believe could be added without breaking 
binary compatability in any direction).


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