[SDL] moving screen when u change resolution

Pete Elmore pete at petta-tech.com
Fri Jan 28 14:44:06 PST 2005

Bob Pendleton wrote:
> My belief is that if you call SDL_quit(), change the environment
> variables, and then call SDL_Init() and SDL_SetVideoMode() you should
> see a change.
This seems very dirty to me.  Environment variables are for the user to 
communicate with the program about how to run it, not for the program to 
communicate with the library.  Adding support to the API (unless it 
already exists) seems like a better solution than using environment 

Pete Elmore

(Disclaimer:  I must confess that I am not sinless in this area; I have 
used environment variables as a hash for storing data when coding in C 
and not wanting to write code to do it. :P )

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