[SDL] [PATCH] Function to get desktop resolution

Jon Colverson sdl at vcxz.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 13:11:36 PST 2005

Bob Pendleton wrote:
> BTW, what are you using this feature for? I assume you mentioned the
> reason for it earlier but I missed it. I'm just asking because between
> SDL_GetVideoInfo(), SDL_ListModes(), and SDL_VideoModeOK(), I've been
> able to get the information about video modes that I need. Just curious
> always looking for a chance to learn.

This was in my first mail:

The rationale for the function is that I want a way of picking a 
reasonable default fullscreen resolution without having to ask the user. 
Using SDL_ListModes() and picking the highest resolution isn't 
appropriate because, for example, LCD users will presumably prefer the 
native resolution of the monitor.


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