[SDL] [PATCH] Function to get desktop resolution

Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Fri Jan 28 11:59:15 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 19:22 +0000, Jon Colverson wrote:
> Jon Colverson wrote:
> >>> I've added a new SDL function that will get the user's current 
> >>> resolution. This won't have meaning for some drivers, but the 
> >>> function just returns failure if it's not implemented for the driver 
> >>> in use.
> Stephane Marchesin wrote:
> >> If I was to implement this, I'd extend the existing SDL_GetVideoInfo 
> >> stuff. This function returns a pointer to a video info structure, 
> >> which could very well contain the width and height of the current 
> >> desktop (unusedbits3 can be used to hold that while keeping backwards 
> >> compatibility).
> > Hmm, there isn't enough room with these 16 bits. So you'll break binary 
> > compat if you add it.
> > Well, maybe that is SDL 1.3 material...
> I didn't receive much response to my patch that I sent a few days ago 
> (http://twomix.devolution.com/pipermail/sdl/2005-January/067010.html).
> I'd like to see it commited if possible. I don't know enough about the 
> SDL development process to know what to do next. Have I just not waited 
> long enough for a response? Or are Stephane's comments authoritative and 
> my patch has been rejected?

Stephane's comments are relevant and just might describe what will
happen to your patch, but Stephane does not decide what goes in SDL, Sam
does. Sam has not yet answered and this subject. Most likely Sam is busy
with other things right now. I sent him a personal email a couple of
days ago and haven't received a reply, so I suspect he is busy (did I
hear something about server down time in WoW? The could be why he isn't

What tends to happen is that Sam will eventually read your message and
reply. Your patch may go in to 1.2.8 or it may go into 1.3. Or the idea
may get batted around for a while and some other version may go in at
some time in the future. Or, it may be decided that it should not ever
go into SDL and it won't go into SDL. No way to know really. Though, the
more platforms the patch supports the better chance it has of going in.

At least that is what I have seen in the several years I've been on the
list :-) I'm not Sam.

OTOH, you are free to add the feature to your copy of SDL. It is after
all, open source software. So long as you comply with the lgpl then you
can change the source anyway you want. 

		Bob Pendleton

> Thanks.

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