[SDL] [PATCH] Function to get desktop resolution

Jon Colverson sdl at vcxz.co.uk
Fri Jan 28 11:22:30 PST 2005

Jon Colverson wrote:
>>> I've added a new SDL function that will get the user's current 
>>> resolution. This won't have meaning for some drivers, but the 
>>> function just returns failure if it's not implemented for the driver 
>>> in use.

Stephane Marchesin wrote:
>> If I was to implement this, I'd extend the existing SDL_GetVideoInfo 
>> stuff. This function returns a pointer to a video info structure, 
>> which could very well contain the width and height of the current 
>> desktop (unusedbits3 can be used to hold that while keeping backwards 
>> compatibility).

> Hmm, there isn't enough room with these 16 bits. So you'll break binary 
> compat if you add it.
> Well, maybe that is SDL 1.3 material...

I didn't receive much response to my patch that I sent a few days ago 
I'd like to see it commited if possible. I don't know enough about the 
SDL development process to know what to do next. Have I just not waited 
long enough for a response? Or are Stephane's comments authoritative and 
my patch has been rejected?



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