[SDL] Newbie question.

Clemens Kirchgatterer clemens at 1541.org
Fri Jan 28 09:58:57 PST 2005

Ajit Kamat <groups.lists at gmail.com> wrote:


>> sdl on top of dfb, dfb on top of sdl, sdl on top of X11, sdl on top
>> of ogl (with ogl backend patch), ogl on top of dfb.
>> so as usual it comes down to the "what are your goals" question.

> My goals are:
> 1. Learn graphics/games programming :) (Hence was searching for a
> library).
> 2. Put graphics/games on handheld devices.
> 3. Port OpenGL ES to Linux phone(s) :)
> Am I looking at the right libraries (SDL and DirectFB)?

it seems, that SDL is the way to go for you. SDL is probably the most
portable (ported) multimedia API. even, if your are going to do opengl
things, sdl can be of great use, because it provides you with setting up
the render context, event handling and audio. the api is consistent and
easy to learn.

directfb is great for fullscreen linux applications, the api is not so
simple as sdl but much more powerful. (i.e. supports per surface AND per
pixel alpha at the same time, ...). keep in mind that hardware
acceleration is only available for a limited number of gfx chips. i
tested it on unichrome, matrox and rage128 and i heard that nvidia
support is caching up.

best regards ...

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