[SDL] endianness in SDL_audio.c

Patrice Mandin mandin.patrice at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jan 28 05:04:18 PST 2005

I found the cause of my problems with loopwave.c: the SDL_MixAudio()
function in SDL_mixer.c. If I replace the calls to SDL_MixAudio() by a
simple memcpy() in fillerup() in loopwave.c, the replay is correct.

I disabled the asm m68k mixer code I wrote for SDL_mixer, thinking it was
causing problems, and it was not. SDL_MixAudio() takes into account the
source format, but not the destination format. Maybe this is what is
causing problems for me.

Patrice Mandin
WWW: http://membres.lycos.fr/pmandin/
Programmeur Linux, Atari
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