[SDL] Re: SDL on Mac OS X

Christian Walther cwalther at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 28 00:30:58 PST 2005

Steven Saunders wrote:
> I have created a custom sdl-config script that I keep in ~/bin to use
> when I build things that need it.

Cool. If I understand correctly, that means that you can now compile 
command-line applications that use sdl-config in their configure scripts 
and they automatically use the framework instead of libraries in 
/usr/local/lib or wherever? I've been keeping around a fink-installed 
"command-line" SDL in /sw for those cases and the frameworks in 
~/Library/Frameworks for my own development in Xcode, but having only 
one SDL installation would be much more elegant. I think such a script 
should be included in the SDL Mac OS X packages (maybe as an optional 
install). What do others think?


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