[SDL] Re: SDL on Mac OS X

Steven Saunders s_j_nevets at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jan 27 16:54:13 PST 2005

> I downloaded and installed the SDL and SDL development
> packages for Mac OS X that integrate with Xcode. Cool so
> far, but then I went to install some of the libraries such
> as SDL_image, SDL_mixer, SDL_ttf, etc. There were no
> pre-bult packages, so I thought I would just build them.
> However, there does not appear to be an sdl-config
> script, so the packages fail.

I'm not sure about SDL_image, and SDL_ttf, but there is a file in the
SDL_mixer source tar.gz called "PBProjects.tar.gz". If you unpack
this you should be able to use the contents to build the SDL_mixer
framework from the source using XCode. 

I have created a custom sdl-config script that I keep in ~/bin to use
when I build things that need it. It's output looks like this:

$ sdl-config --cflags

$ sdl-config --libs  
/Users/yourname/bin/SDLMain.o -L/Users/yourname/Library/Frameworks
-framework Cocoa -framework SDL -lobjc

Email me if you want and I'll send it to you. (As you can see, I keep
a pre-built SDLMain.o lying around for such occasions.)

Speaking of SDLMain, you may want to grab a much better version of
SDLMain.m from the CVS repository:


(I'm using revision The version included in the SDL 1.2.8
package has problems with receiving keyboard events when you run SDL
apps that are not in an application bundle (i.e. command-line
launched ones.) The new version also creates a nice application menu
for you when you're not using a NIB.


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