[SDL] Re: SDL on Mac OS X

E. Wing ewmailing at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 11:26:41 PST 2005

> From: Olivier Fabre
> On 27/01/2005, Chris Nystrom, you wrote:
> > So it seems like there are 2 paths for SDL development on the OS X
> > platform:
> > 1. Native Xcode: integrates well with OS X, but no libraries.
> > 2. X11 mode: have libraries, but user must have X11 installed.
> Building SDL with Xcode didn't work here, so I went with the simpler
> command line way to create ".dylib" shared libraries.
Yikes! I finally checked the website and yes indeed, the OS X
framework pacakges for SDL_image and friends seem to be missing. I had
agreed to update all the projects for Xcode, but I haven't gotten
around to it yet. I thought a release went out, but apparently those
are waiting on me.

I am surprised surprised to hear that building SDL with Xcode didn't
work for you. Are you building SDL or one of the SDL satellite
projects (SDL_image, SDL_mixer, etc)? Can you tell me what errors
you're getting?

No promises on a time frame, but I'll try to take a crack at it this weekend.


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