[SDL] Problem with rendertargets (no output/video)

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 26 07:38:23 PST 2005

Anthony DeChiaro wrote:

>I'm trying to run a XMMS visualization/plugin for Linux called
>projectM which uses SDL to run.  Requires render targets, so a CVS
>version of SDL 1.3 from 2004-04-04) is provided with the it. 
>Application used to work fine, however with a reinstall of Ubuntu
>Linux (Debian-based), I cannot get it working (get a blank output in
>the window).  I've tried latest CVS and a few other versions, all
>give same results.
>I compiled the files in the "test" directory of the SDL tarfile and
>ran each to ensure they work.  All of them operated correctly
>*except* testrendertarget and testgl - they give the same results as
>projectM (no video).  Below are the results:
>./testrendertarget gives a blank screen (same problem with projectM),
>with the following output: 
>Created render target: 
>697 frames in 5.004 seconds = 139.289 FPS 
>./testgl gives the following (again, with blank output): 
>Screen BPP: 32 
>Vendor : (null) 
>Renderer : (null) 
>Version : (null) 
>Extensions : (null) 
>SDL_GL_RED_SIZE: requested 5, got 8 
>SDL_GL_GREEN_SIZE: requested 5, got 8 
>SDL_GL_BLUE_SIZE: requested 5, got 8 
>SDL_GL_DEPTH_SIZE: requested 16, got 24 
>SDL_GL_DOUBLEBUFFER: requested 1, got 1 
>app lost mouse focus 
>app gained mouse focus 
>app lost mouse focus 
>3988.59 FPS 
>Now the interesting thing is my /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file has
>default depth as 24, not 32.  In fact 32 is not even listed anywhere
>within the file - not entirely sure why testgl reports Screen BPP at
>32.  I've tried messing with the source for testgl and
>testrendertarget, trying both 24 and 32 bits instead of 16, still no
>Running kernel on Athlon64 3200+, GeForce FX 5900XT,
>NVIDIA driver version 1.0-6111.  Is this a known issue and/or can
>anyone provide any help?  Thanks.
So basically you're saying that SDL/OpenGL programs don't work for you, 
right ?

Are your sure your OpenGL configuration is correct ? Can you run other 
opengl apps and games to confirm this ?


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