[SDL] Win 9x problems

Rob Probin rob at lightsoft.co.uk
Tue Jan 25 15:24:15 PST 2005

"If you like M$ arch..."

You must have missed the line where I said I was building for Windows 
on Mac OS X.

I can't help it if 98% of my possible audience uses Windows - that's 
their (current) choice.


>From: J Inacio <jinacio3 at yahoo.com.br>
>  People from M$ says it is broken (all versions of
>  I do not use windows... I like the Unix-like
>environment, and I fell more secure on it.
>  Despite of most used (for now, you can be sure about
>it), it does not mean it is better.
>  I can start a flame... but, I like the facts, not
>what  people from  press (paid by M$) say.
>  It is my personal opinion. If you like M$ arch, it is
>ok, I do respect your taste and opinion, but I will
>not pay attention to your complains about it :)
>--- Rob Probin <rob at lightsoft.co.uk> escreveu:
>  > (As a site note - I'm building targeting Windows
>  > using MinGW and fink
>  > on MacOSX - don't you just love gcc!)

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