[SDL] Win 9x problems

William Petiot william at exoide.com
Tue Jan 25 15:14:23 PST 2005

For the GetAncestor() win32 api call, you need	Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 
SP4 at least.

If it is a design decision in SDL (which I don't know :) ), this means that 
win95 is unsupported by newer versions of SDL.
If so, don't use them under win95. This function is used by directx5 event 
handling implementation in 1.2.8

> 2. Have we officially dropped Win95 support or is my Win95
> environment also broken? My programs appear to work just fine with
> older versions of SDL.dll (not sure which old version I have on Win95
> - maybe 1.2.5)
> I get two dialog boxes trying to run the example - the first reads
> ""The SDL.DLL file is linked to a missing export
> USER32.DLL:GetAncestor"" and the second reads
> "C:\WINDOWS\DESKTOP\test\test.exe    A device attached to the system
> is not functioning."

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