[SDL] [PATCH] Function to get desktop resolution

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jan 25 14:42:51 PST 2005

Jon Colverson wrote:

> I've added a new SDL function that will get the user's current 
> resolution. This won't have meaning for some drivers, but the function 
> just returns failure if it's not implemented for the driver in use.
> The rationale for the function is that I want a way of picking a 
> reasonable default fullscreen resolution without having to ask the 
> user. Using SDL_ListModes() and picking the highest resolution isn't 
> appropriate because, for example, LCD users will presumably prefer the 
> native resolution of the monitor.
> Attached is a patch against CVS (at 2005-01-24 14:45:00 GMT) that 
> includes implementations for X11 and Windows.
> Problems:
>  - This is my first attempt at hacking on SDL. If I've done something 
> silly like broken binary compatability, I wouldn't be suprised.
>  - video/wincommon/SDL_syswm.c doesn't seem like a particularly good 
> home for WIN_GetDesktopMode, but I couldn't face adding a new source 
> file to the various build systems.
>  - Only implemented on X11 and Windows. Do I have to set 
> device->GetDesktopMode = NULL for all the other video drivers 
> manually? It seems that I do, but I wanted to check before doing it, 
> in case it's a waste of time.
>  - GetDesktopMode isn't a great name. I'm open to suggestions.

If I was to implement this, I'd extend the existing SDL_GetVideoInfo 
stuff. This function returns a pointer to a video info structure, which 
could very well contain the width and height of the current desktop 
(unusedbits3 can be used to hold that while keeping backwards 

Just my 2 eurocents


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