[SDL] Documentation

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jan 24 08:12:35 PST 2005

Bob Pendleton wrote:

>Jakob, please don't take any what I am about to say personally. It wound
>up as a reply to your posting because your message made me realize why
>several recent postings have been so irritating and is not directed at
>you at all.
>I think the original posting showed a lack of understanding of the
>difference between a community supported project and a commercial
>product. If you buy a product and get bad documentation then you have a
>right to complain and demand that the documentation be corrected. OTOH,
>in a community supported project if you don't like the documentation,
>then it is up to you to correct the problem, or go somewhere else. 
Bob, you outlined the difference between a communty supported project 
and a commercial product, I'd like to outline another difference : the 
difference between learning game programming and learning the SDL API.

If you want to learn the SDL API or discuss SDL bugs or SDL 
improvements, this list is the right place.

OTOH, if you want to learn game programming in general (the original 
poster mentions writing a 2D engine) then what you're looking for is not 
really SDL specific, and other places on the net are more appropriate. 
You have more chances of getting a relevant answer if you ask at the 
right place, right ? So for the original poster :

At these places, you'll probably find a game programming community which 
will be more interested in discussing things such as "how to do a 2D 
engine" or "pixel shaders".


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