[SDL] Segmentation fault.... again

Michael B. Edwin Rickert panda at industry.no-ip.com
Sun Jan 23 15:06:24 PST 2005

Daniel wrote:
> It seems that the "evolve_species()" function is making the prog go into 
> segmentation fault.  I can't understand why though! that function is at the 
> moment standalone and has nothing to do with SDL.  I'm rebuilding the program 
> piece by piece trying to figure out which part of it is causing the problem, 
> but I can't make any sense on why this function acts on SDL like this.
> please help, thanks.
> Daniel

I suggest you try the forums at GameDev.net. This really isn't the 
mailing list to get your code debugged for you, at least when the 
problem dosn't lie with using the SDL (even then I say it's iffy). 
They're likely to also give you some pointers on how to debug your code 
yourself, especially if you ask.


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