[SDL] Re: Segmentation Fault (Parachute Deployed)

jimrandomh usenetNOSPAM at jimrandomh.org
Sat Jan 22 20:41:35 PST 2005

Daniel <zombie_1985 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry guys.... back again.
> I keep getting a Segmentation Fault which I can't manage to pin
> down. 
> Here's the source.... could some of you try compiling and see what
> you get.  It feels to me I've tried every possible combination but
> I keep getting the segmentation fault.  I really need this prog to
> work. 

Try using a debugger. That's what they're for, you know. (You will have 
to disable the SDL parachute for debuggers to work properly. Which is 
what makes it obvious that you haven't tried using a debugger yet.)

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