[SDL] Re: Re: I/O problem solvable.... need Help though.

Gerry trick at icculus.org
Sat Jan 22 11:52:02 PST 2005

> - The stdout.txt and stderr.txt the program produces are added to the 
> current working directory, rather than the directory the executable 

When starting things from the Windows start menu, the *desktop* is the
current working directory, so stdout.txt and stderr.txt ends up there.
This fact alone is an endless source of worry and confusion for people
who maybe don't know that much about computers, but just want to play a
game.  Some may file bug reports about it, others may think they've got
a virus or spyware on their hands and uninstall the game immediately.
Both of these have actually happened several times with a game where I'm
part of the dev team.  Stdio redirect will be disabled in the next
version, obviously.

- Gerry

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