[SDL] amd64 [un]fixes in SDL_endian.h

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 22 08:06:12 PST 2005

Mike Frysinger wrote:

>when we added libsdl-1.2.8 to Gentoo, amd64 users hit a rash of bad builds 
>with gcc-3.4 ... simply trying to do something like build sdl_mixer would 
>reproduce the problem ...
>summary report (there were a lot of duplicates :D)
>the netbsd fix imported here:
>made our problems go away nicely (i was able to reproduce original build 
>failures and confirm the fix on an amd64 dev box)
>however, it has since been reverted:
>due to this e-mail:
>that error is the exact error we were seeing in Gentoo with SDL_endian.h 
>rev1.11 and which rev1.12 fixed ... so perhaps the report was based upon 
>older versions of SDL_endian.h and not the newer fixed one ?

I don't have an amd64, so I can only do a shot in the dark.
Does this SDL_endian.h work for both of you ?


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