[SDL] Re: I/O problem solvable.... need Help though.

jimrandomh usenetNOSPAM at jimrandomh.org
Fri Jan 21 12:11:19 PST 2005

Daniel <zombie_1985 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I researched on Google, and it turns out that the redirection
> problem can be fixed in either of two ways...
> "You can also copy the src/main/win32/SDL_main.c file into your
> project and then you will no longer need to link with SDLmain.lib,
> and you can change the way the I/O redirection works.
> I didn't know it crashed SDL though, that should be fixed.
> Thanks!
>      -Sam Lantinga"
> or, method two would be recompiling SDL giving it the compile-time
> "--disable- stdio-redirect".
> Because of my "newbness", I personally don't understand how to go
> by doing the first methodbwhich apparently seems more immediate,
> and certainly don't know how to compile a graphics library such as
> SDL is.  I use mingw which came with DEV C++ so all compiling I do
> is through the Dev C++ application.  As such, I can't follow the
> compile tutorials found throughout the web which require the use
> of console compilation commands. 
> Could someone please help me out???

This is the third time this problem (no clean way to get rid of stdio 
redirect) has been brought up in about a week. At present, recompiling 
the SDL library or adding WinMain() your program are the only 
workarounds. IMO, both are awful solutions; it's really just waiting 
for someone to step up and write a patch to SDL.

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