[SDL] 2 questions about installing SDL

Benjamin Deutsch ben at fictiongroup.de
Fri Jan 21 11:06:19 PST 2005


 > I changed "prefix" in Makefile to my
> home directory, and "make" was run successfully. 

Hm, how did you do this? There should be a "configure" file. Try 
"./configure --help", then try "./configure --prefix=$HOME/SDL" or 
wherever you want to install it (Sorry, I don't have the source code at 
hand, but that's the usual way).

This should change your Makefiles etc., so that "make; make install" 
*should* work ok.

Oh, when compiling things with your version of SDL, be sure to have 
$HOME/SDL/bin (or whatever you picked) in your PATH variable (bash: 
export PATH=$HOME/SDL/bin:$PATH , tcsh: setenv PATH $HOME/SDL/bin:$PATH 
), otherwise the wrong sdl-config, if any, will be used.

And when *running* those, add $HOME/SDL/lib (or wherever the libraries 
are) to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable as above, or else ld (the dynamic 
linker) won't find your freshly installed libraries.

Hope this helps (and is correct!),


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