[SDL] Re: SDL_Image export image capability?

Damian damian_rajkowski at technologyonecorp.com
Tue Jan 18 14:36:55 PST 2005

Damian <damian_rajkowski <at> technologyonecorp.com> writes:

Oops. Sorry Bill. I just read another post from Colin Vella (SDL Digest Vol 9, 
Issue 18) where he points out SDL_SaveBMP.

What i meant to ask, before i worded it badly, is whether SDL could include 
saving to PNG/JPG, whether its in SDL_Image or SDL itself (the library doesn't 
really matter).

As i said in that post, there's times when you need to save the alpha layer 
with your image (in constructing font textures for example), hence png.

While i'm on the subject, it would be great (and probably asking too much) if 
there were ways to save a specified rectangular area of the surface to 
png/jpg/bmp, as well as the whole surface. Kind of a 'partial' screenshot. 
Useful for saving a particular viewport. 

Yes, i know this could all be implemented by the user (and that's what i'm 
doing for now). But it would be much nicer as part of the framework itself. :)


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