[SDL] Re: SDL Digest, Vol 9, Issue 18

Damian damian_rajkowski at technologyonecorp.com
Tue Jan 18 14:30:48 PST 2005

Colin Vella <colinvella <at> waldonet.net.mt> writes:

> > Are there any plans to enhance SDL_Image to save images to disk?

> Plain SDL has the following function for saving a sufrace as a BMP file.
> There are no functions to save in other formats AFAIK.
> int SDL_SaveBMP(SDL_Surface *surface, const char *file);

Oops! :) Yes, you're right. There's SDL_SaveBMP. I should have phrased it 
differently. What i really meant to ask was for saving to JPG or PNG, because 
i'm lazy and don't want to convert screenshots manually after taking them. 
Sorry for the confusion.

Also, i didn't need to ask about SDL_Image really. I should have said: Can SDL 
be extended to save to JPG/PNG, regardless of which library its in?

(I ask for png because there are times when its neccessary to save the image's 
alpha information, which bmp just won't do.)


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