[SDL] Re: Getting the client size in SDL OpenGL Window

Glen RItchie glen.ritchie at jcu.edu.au
Mon Jan 17 14:59:29 PST 2005

Rainer Deyke <rainerd <at> eldwood.com> writes:
> Remember the arguments you passed to SDL_SetVideoMode?  That's the size of
> the client area.

If i was using fullscreen(or the SDL_NOFRAME param) i would agree. But those
width and height specify the width and height of the entire window, not the
Client area. In fullscreen mode the entire screen is the client, there is no
window title bar so those params would be the client area.

I have this exact problem i am describing when using directX as well and also
with GLUT. In DirectX you can use GetClientCoords as i mentioned but so far in
GLUT and SDL i havn't found a way to get the values i require in an OS
independent way.

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