[SDL] SDL under Mac OS X

Richard Schreyer rws_list at girr.org
Sat Jan 15 10:49:30 PST 2005

You can build an application with the shared lib, but that would 
probably involve installing the lib into one of the standard system 
paths, which would mean you need an installer (not good on OS X).

Go for the framework.  In XCode, create a 'Copy Files' build phase that 
will copy SDL.framework (and SDL_image.framework, and whatever else), 
into the Frameworks folder inside the bundle.

Richard Schreyer

Olivier Fabre wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to build my game for OS X. SDL shouldn't be statically linked
> because my program isn't GPL. Should I use the "framework" or the
> UNIX-style shared lib system ?
> I'd like to be able to keep SDL in my game's directory, too.
> I googled and looked at the os x faq on libsdl.org but didn't find the
> answer.
> Thanks,

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