[SDL] SDL+OpenGL on playstation?

Eric Vidal evidal at ateneo.edu
Sat Jan 15 01:05:41 PST 2005

> I don't know about psx, but the ps2 doesn't support GL.

I've got ps2gl to work already.  Currently it is not really integrated
with SDL yet, though--I just tell SDL to not initialize video. 
However, if anyone wants an interface added into SDL, I'll try to make
a patch.

As for it being "its own other world", it pretty much is.  ps2gl does
not behave a lot like OpenGL, especially textures and vertex arrays;
oh, and you can't even set up unique colors for each vertex when you
don't have lighting enabled.

I've already written a wrapper, ps2glx, that tries to simplify some
ps2gl-specific initialization stuff.  You can find it at
http://aegis.ateneo.net/evidal/ps2glx/.  My plan is to let SDL
interface with this library instead of with ps2gl directly.

Eric Vidal
Lecturer / Graduate Research Assistant, DISCS
Ateneo de Manila University

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