[SDL] converting a UINT32 to SDL_Color and viceversa

Roger D. Vargas roger at ehtsc.co.cu
Thu Jan 27 08:21:31 PST 2005

Jesse Barnes wrote:

>I noticed that on my ia64 machine when SDL_Quit was called, the machine would 
>hang in weird ways.  It turned out to be caused by a machine check in the 
>memset() call near the top of FB_VideoQuit.  Generally memset shouldn't be 
>used on I/O regions like the framebuffer or other I/O device memory (the 
>Linux kernel has special routines for dealing with I/O memory), so I changed 
>the #ifdef __powerpc__ to #if defined(__powerpc__) || defined(__ia64__) and 
>SDL_Quit now works properly.  The change should probably be made 
>unconditional though since doing one byte at a time is the only way to be 
>portable, afaik.
Ah, very nice. I had tried the SDL framebuffer backend on a radeon/ia64 
and it gave me strange troubles too.


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