[SDL] Re: Modifier keys pressed during initialization stick

Bob Pendleton bob at pendleton.com
Fri Jan 14 08:01:14 PST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-14 at 05:46 +0000, jimrandomh wrote:
> John Silicon <jsilicon at earthlink.net> wrote:
> > jimrandomh wrote:
> >>If a modifier key (ctrl, alt, shift, or meta) is held down while
> >>my program starts, but released during initialization, SDL thinks
> >>it's still held. In particular, I use "ctrl+F5" to start my
> >>program from an IDE, so keypresses I get have an extraneous ctrl+
> >>modifier on them until I press and release ctrl.
> >>
> >>This isn't a big problem, but it appears to be a bug and a fix or 
> >>workaround would be nice. Is this known?
> >>
> > I can not duplicate this, on my system -- what compiler (IDE, too,
> > if separate) & OS (if *nix, what kernel version?) are you seeing
> > this behavior? 
> Visual Studio 6, Windows 2000. I'm also using Net2, which, come to
> think of it, does some funky stuff to the event queue which could
> be related. I'll put together a reduced test case (and see if said
> test case requires net2) tomorrow.

If the bug is the result of using Net2 please let me know. Since I wrote
Net2 I like to fix its bugs :-). Though, since I do not have Windows 2k
I might need your cooperation to fix the problem.

		Bob Pendleton


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