[SDL] Re: Modifier keys pressed during initialization stick

jimrandomh usenetNOSPAM at jimrandomh.org
Thu Jan 13 21:46:55 PST 2005

John Silicon <jsilicon at earthlink.net> wrote:
> jimrandomh wrote:
>>If a modifier key (ctrl, alt, shift, or meta) is held down while
>>my program starts, but released during initialization, SDL thinks
>>it's still held. In particular, I use "ctrl+F5" to start my
>>program from an IDE, so keypresses I get have an extraneous ctrl+
>>modifier on them until I press and release ctrl.
>>This isn't a big problem, but it appears to be a bug and a fix or 
>>workaround would be nice. Is this known?
> I can not duplicate this, on my system -- what compiler (IDE, too,
> if separate) & OS (if *nix, what kernel version?) are you seeing
> this behavior? 

Visual Studio 6, Windows 2000. I'm also using Net2, which, come to
think of it, does some funky stuff to the event queue which could
be related. I'll put together a reduced test case (and see if said
test case requires net2) tomorrow.

CalcRogue: TI-89, TI-92+, PalmOS, Windows and Linux.

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