[SDL] Modifier keys pressed during initialization stick

John Silicon jsilicon at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 13 17:01:33 PST 2005

jimrandomh wrote:

>If a modifier key (ctrl, alt, shift, or meta) is held down while my 
>program starts, but released during initialization, SDL thinks it's 
>still held. In particular, I use "ctrl+F5" to start my program from an 
>IDE, so keypresses I get have an extraneous ctrl+ modifier on them 
>until I press and release ctrl.
>This isn't a big problem, but it appears to be a bug and a fix or 
>workaround would be nice. Is this known?
I can not duplicate this, on my system -- what compiler (IDE, too, if 
separate) & OS (if *nix, what kernel version?) are you seeing this behavior?

- Silicon

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