[SDL] Fast IMG Load

Benjamin Deutsch ben at fictiongroup.de
Thu Jan 13 10:21:18 PST 2005


>>> I need to load a lot of images using too much memory space when loaded:
>>> 152 images, 35kb each but in memory they are much bigger because of image
>>> uncompression and byte alignment.
>>> My idea is to read all the image data compressed in png format in memory
>>> and load the images from memory instead of disk.

Try the following:

- Load the file into memory. Try the stdio.h functions, if you're using
   C or C++.

- Create an SDL_RWOps structure with SDL_RWFromMeM:

- Use the SDL_image library to load your images:
   Basically, IMG_Load_RW, IMG_LoadTyped_RW or IMG_LoadPNG_RW should


>> The only way this would take less space than just loading the images
>> would be keeping the compressed data in memory and decompress it on the
>> fly while blitting. I bet that's too slow to be of any practical value :(
> i think he means it would be faster if the raw file was loaded into ram and
> decompressed there.

I must agree here, without further information, we don't know what you 
mean or whether this will actually help.

On the other hand, I've been daydreaming about converting a .png file to 
a .o file, maybe through a .c file that contained

   unsigned char *my_image = {
   0, 0, 0, 42, ...

and then having my image embedded in my binary. The benefits and 
drawbacks of embedded images aside, is this already possible somehow?

Hope the above helps, though,


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