[SDL] Multi Monitor Question.

Richard Schreyer rws_list at girr.org
Wed Jan 12 22:36:50 PST 2005

Right now there is no multi-monitor support in SDL.  This means that SDL 
apps do horrible things when they go into fullscreen on my dual-monitor 
setup.  This includes, to my dismay, UT2004, and my own program.

Since I have development access to Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux, I've 
been debating creating a patch for SDL that essentially allows you to 
choose which monitor your context is created on, probably by creating a 
new function that you would call instead of SDL_SetVideoMode.  It would 
be essentially the same, except take one additional argument to choose 
which screen to use.  This would also require new analog functions for 
SDL_ListModes and the like, as well as a function to query available 

If this patch were written, would there be interest in including it with 
the main SDL distribution?  Has someone else already written this, and 
if so, could I have a diff?

Richard Schreyer

Michael B. Edwin Rickert wrote:
> Michael B. Edwin Rickert wrote:
>> Robert Diel wrote:
>>>  Also, has anyone used a quad head video
>>> card with SDL?  Finally, is it possible in linux, to use an array of
>>> video cards instead of a single quad head video card can I use two dual
>>> head cards?  I assume the answer to this one is you much use a single
>>> card, but correct me if I am wrong.
>> I'd actually assume the opposite. There is the possibility that you 
>> may have to run multiple X servers to accomplish this... but I'm 
>> nearly positive multiple graphics cards would work on a linux box. And 
>> by "would work" I mean there's easy(ish) to use ready to go support 
>> programmed for it.
> Sorry for the doublepost but check out:
> http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Xinerama-HOWTO.html#PCIBUSSECTION
> http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/Xinerama-HOWTO.html#EDITXF86CONFIG
> -Mike
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