[SDL] Multi Monitor Question.

Michael B. Edwin Rickert panda at industry.no-ip.com
Wed Jan 12 21:10:04 PST 2005

Michael B. Edwin Rickert wrote:
> Robert Diel wrote:
>>  Also, has anyone used a quad head video
>> card with SDL?  Finally, is it possible in linux, to use an array of
>> video cards instead of a single quad head video card can I use two dual
>> head cards?  I assume the answer to this one is you much use a single
>> card, but correct me if I am wrong.
> I'd actually assume the opposite. There is the possibility that you may 
> have to run multiple X servers to accomplish this... but I'm nearly 
> positive multiple graphics cards would work on a linux box. And by 
> "would work" I mean there's easy(ish) to use ready to go support 
> programmed for it.

Sorry for the doublepost but check out:



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