[SDL] Strange thing

NighTiger nightiger at gameprog.it
Wed Jan 26 02:03:55 PST 2005

Sam Lantinga wrote:
> I've been hesitant to apply this patch, since I don't have access to a                            
> direct-color 8 bit display, and I know that SDL always assumes 1 byte per                         
> pixel to be a palettized mode for blitting purposes.                                              
> Does the patch as written address your needs?      

I am the aforementioned bzflag dev running X with 8 bit color depth and a
direct color (R-G-B 3-3-2) visual. Without the patch, the colors are all
wrong because SDL assumes 8bit means PseudoColor visual, although glx chose
the DirectColor one. For the purposes of bzflag the patch works fine,
including gamma support. All drawing in bzflag is done via OpenGL, though,
so I have no idea whether the SDL blitting and drawing would work correctly.
However, it will only affect 8bit DirectColor setups, and without the patch
they are bound to be more broken than with it.

(sorry for the broken threading, but I just subscribed to the list)

Frank Thilo - thilo at unix-ag.org        IRC: Chestal

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