[SDL] RE: Half Speed on 32 Bit Desktops

Alan Wolfe atrix2 at cox.net
Wed Jan 12 00:51:20 PST 2005

ok i dig that, sorry for off topic conversation (:

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> Alan Wolfe wrote:
> "you know OpenGL is like THE standard for 3d computer
> graphics and computer graphic cards?"
> Ehem. Let me restate my observation. Yes OpenGL is THE
> standard graphics rendering API, no doubt. However,
> OpenGL drivers being installed and OpenGL hardware
> acceleration is still unfortunately not guaranteed on
> each windows machine. Trust me I'd love it if everyone
> had decent cards and updated drivers, but I'm making a
> smallish 2D game so that may be asking too much. If it
> were a full 3D game I'd have no reservations about
> requiring OpenGL.
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