[SDL] Am I using the right header files?

Sebastian Beschke s.beschke at gmx.de
Sun Jan 9 03:33:42 PST 2005

Bill Kendrick schrieb:
> Heh, I do that kind of stuff all the time.  APIs are always using
> slightly different names from each other.  (BREW uses ".dx" and ".dy"
> for width and height of a rectangle, while SDL uses ".w" and ".h").

Yeah, me too. I wasn't exactly trying to be rude. But whenever I get an 
error that says "Unknown identifier", the first thing I do is check for 

But of course, handling error messages is something that must be learned 
by experience.

> It MAY be that Randy was looking at some little pseudo-code example, or
> untested example code from a little how-to somewhere.
> If so, Randy, you should have them correct /their/ typos.


> But if not... yeah... check the docs first, next time! ;^)
> -bill!


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