[SDL] Why can't display two yuvoverlay?

Sergey Ulanov Sergey.Ulanov at asplinux.ru
Sat Jan 8 06:03:36 PST 2005

jian liu wrote:

> I writed a simple program to show yuv file.
> It simple called SDL_CreateYUVOverlay and copied yuv data into pixels. 
> It worked correctly.
> However, if I started another instance to show other file, It just 
> gave me a dark and blank window.
> What's wrong?

SDL uses XVideo for YUV overlays on the screen,  but most cards can't 
handle more than one application which uses XVideo. You can ether set 
enironment variable SDL_VIDEO_YUV_HWACCEL to 1 or use non-screen 
surfaces as destination for overlays. Notice than anyway you will get 
some slowdown.

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