[SDL] Using Windows GetOpenFileName with SDL

Mikkel Gjøl s971661 at student.dtu.dk
Sun Jan 23 06:16:15 PST 2005

Hello everybody !

I just run the patch, and it runs quite fine when using correctly. I've got
only one question. I'm sure that i could answer myself if i knew better the
internals of OpenGL. Maybe this question has been posted and already
posted, in this case i'm sorry and i'll look for my glasses :)

Until now, i blit between hardware surface and "active frame buffer" (set
via SDL_SetVideoMode) very fast thanx to glSDL backend, so i wonder if it
is possible to beneficiate of this acceleration with two hardware surface
create via SDL_CreateRGB and blit between them. I've made some tests, and
it doesn't look to work. Is this the normal behaviour ? Or i miss
someting ?

Thanx !

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