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 Well, C was my first programming language, C++ my
second and Java was the last I learned (3 years ago).
(the thing I most love in programming is pointers and
pointers of pointers).
 I used to write pascal and delphi code (wich I hate),
visual basic code (wich I hate even more than delphi).
 I wrote some asm inline codes, but it was 8 years
 I have to apologise, I had take doom too "easy".
 Maybe I should have said "Wolfenstein 3d".
 I just want to play with some matrices using SDL for
page flipping and things like that.
 The reason why I can not use OpenGL * for now *, is
that, my SiS 740 agp card is only 3d accelerator under
windows, and I do not even use windows anymore (I am a
Slackware fan ...) - I think I am not the only one on
the world wich have a pcchips motherboard (I will get
a MSI motherboard and everything will be different :)

 I was thinking about that for fun, only.
 Sorry if I looked like I thought I was a master C
 I know that I looked like I was trying to show
myself,  but I was just trying to get some fun :)
 And I think I still have too much time, I am only 22
now ;)

 A special sorry for Bob Pendleton, I think I made him
angry someway.

> >  Does anyone here have a good advice?
> Well - I do have a copy of the doom-source at home -
> the following to 
> say:
> - Most things they did back than were necessary back
> than but are not 
> necessary today.
> To learn how to code the old way is not bad but IMHO
> wasted time 
> because you will still have to learn the current
> ways of programming 
> and if you learn those you will sooner or later
> understand the old 
> ones.
> In short - redundancy :)
> - Seeing the doom code is good if you want to learn
> some (old) dirty 
> tricks. Can be helpfull some time but you will need
> some understanding 
> of what they do first.
> - You say you code Java - well - let's hope that's
> not the only 
> language because a jump from Java to assembler
> (which doom is written 
> in) is a - let's say - HUGE leap. If Java is the
> only language you know 
> you should learn C (or C++, but C is better (IMHO)
> if you want to head 
> that way) first before hitting assembler.
> - It may be handy to know how to write a complete
> renderer (rasterizer, 
> etc.) but that's all. You don't actually want to
> write a renderer 
> (believe me :) you want to create 3D graphics (at
> least I did - and I 
> had the same idea you have ;).
> In short - get a book about the basics (e.g. Peter
> Shirley -  
> Fundamentals of Computer Graphics) that will give
> you all the 
> understanding you need in much less time.
> Furthermore IF you want to learn from doom you have
> to understand all 
> the optimizing they did and that can get really hard
> if you don't know 
> the basics which the doom code will NOT tell you
> (like I already 
> mentioned ;).
> - If you did it anyway and wrote your own renderer
> you will sooner or 
> later discard it and turn to OpenGL or DirectX. Why?
> Those libraries 
> stick around here a long time, meaning many people
> put lot of work in 
> it, meaning those libraries will be better than
> anything you will end 
> up with in the same time. And - after all - if you
> want to write games 
> you need to know one of those libraries anyway.
> Ergo - what I would recommend:
> - If you don't know C - learn it. If you learned C -
> switch over to 
> C++, maybe have a (short) look on assembler (comes
> handy some times).
> - Get a book about 3D basics (e.g. Shirley). If you
> feel like you want 
> to code a few parts of it - do that one-by-one.
> - After that get yourself a few OpenGL tutorials
> (e.g. 
> nehe.gamedev.net) and play around with those to see
> how OpenGL handles 
> the basics you just learned. You will see - you only
> need a fraction of 
> the basics you learned and happily not many of the
> complicated ones.
> - And - if you still don't have enough - get
> yourself the book "Real 
> Time Rendering" - that covers nearly every topic in
> computer graphics.
> But after all - that's only my opinion - the rest is
> up to you :)
> Arne
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