[SDL] Tiny winy memory leak.

Tomas Jakobsson tompsson at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 4 03:55:06 PST 2005

Some people might argue that memory that is allcoated once and is forgotten 
to be free'd at shutdown is'nt a memory leak. But anyway. Call it whatever 
you want.

Ive recently spotted that SDL_Appname is never free'd ( either that or need 
new glasses ) resulting in my memory manager spitting out a warning about 
this as being a memory leak. Now this leak isnt huge strlen ( SDL_Appname ) 
+ 1 bytes. But still.

Oh. And this is on Win32. But I dont think its used anywhere else.

My suggestion would be to free it in


since there is no SDL_UnRegisterApp.

// Tomaz

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