AW: [SDL] glSDL backend

Stephane Marchesin stephane.marchesin at
Sun Jan 2 15:09:36 PST 2005

Michael Kastner wrote:

>>>>We (David Olofson and me) finally got the glSDL backend into a state 
>>>>that works and has recieved enough testing for a first beta. The 
>>>>resulting patch is there (not posted to the list because of the 
>>>>mailing list size filter) :
>>>Are there any plans for a binary (dll/so) release?
>>It's hard or impossible to do properly, since glSDL is a 
>>backend to SDL, and SDL does not support "backend plugins" or 
>>the like.
>If I understood everything correctly then in order to use the new glSDL you
>have to
>1) download the SDL source code and the glSDL patch
>2) patch SDL
>3) possibly enable the glSDL backend with some configuration option
>4) build the patched and configured SDL
>5) link your program to the patched SDL statically/dynamically
>6) tell SDL to use the glSDL backend alternatively to the already existing
>ones (x11, dga, directx, windib, ...)
>Because it would save me a lot time to skip steps 1 to 4 (and replace it by
>"download a sdl.dll/libsdl.o containing the glSDL patch"), I was curious if
>there are plans to release compiled dynamic libraries - either in the next
>official SDL version or seperated from the official SDL releases.
>Now that I think about it, I realize that this might be too much to ask for,
>since glSDL is still in a beta stage.
Well, I think I have removed all the bugs I could find. So while it's 
the first public"beta" it shouldn't really be that buggy.

>Nevertheless it would be interesting to know if there are plans to integrate
>glSDL into future official binary releases of SDL and when this would
>roughly happen.
I really hope that it will end in the SDL tree. I have no plans 
maintaining a 100kb patch against a moving cvs tree :)
Even if it's just disabled by default for a start.


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