[SDL] SDL running slower on fullscreen

Colin Vella colinvella at waldonet.net.mt
Tue Jan 18 13:44:44 PST 2005

Lucas Clemente Vella wrote:

>> glSDL doesn't change the x11 backend, so if no programs work anymore 
>> with it, you probably didn't build your SDL correctly.
>> If you don't patch it before compiling and installing, does it work ?
> Yes, it worked. I rebuilt it without the patch and it worked just as 
> before. I have not tried the patch just once, I decompressed, patched 
> and built the source at least two times.

Well, considering that glSDL doesn't change the x11 backend, there is 
probably another problem.
If you compile it but don't set the environment variable, does it work ?

>> Btw, NWN is a 3d game so it's not supposed to work with glSDL. glSDL 
>> only supports 2D.
> So I believed, but I tried to see what would happen. Was it supposed 
> to do that?

Well, we (in glSDL) set the error message and return an error. How 
applications decide (or not for that matter) to handle it is out of our 


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